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Looking at my art, it all looks terrible. I am a lot better at low-resolution art, I think I should start doing that.

EBF3 on Epic difficulty

2012-05-06 09:55:04 by epiclinkfan101

I finally got back to playing it, and it's really fun.
Only thing is, I died on the last THREE battles I went in to.

Was this playtested?

My God it's horrible.

2012-02-08 20:30:54 by epiclinkfan101

I may stop coming to newgrounds because every time I go to my music I have to look at some hideous bad-girl-ish background.
How little were they thinking?

Edit; Although the community background is annoyingly ugly, I've gotten over it.

Wouldn't this be neat?

2011-10-05 22:55:54 by epiclinkfan101

I was thinking there should be a feature that would play a random song from your favorites, and when it ends, another random song, and when it ends, another random song, etc.
Is this already possible, or will I never see it?

Just replayed Armed With Wings 3.

2011-09-30 18:27:45 by epiclinkfan101

I forgot how beautiful that game is.

Edit: I just got 3rd place in survival! :D

Edit2: Someone stole 3rd place D:

Edit3: I clicked "New Game" so I could replay the first level for the first special, not knowing it would wipe out all progress on Survival. D:

Replaying EBF3 on Epic

2011-09-03 10:19:21 by epiclinkfan101

I'm replaying Epic Battle Fantasy 3 on epic difficulty, because I noticed the game again, felt like playing it again, but I wanted playing it again to have a point. I'm also doing this to get some more medals, to get extra stuff on the save I already beat.

Epic difficulty is indeed epic.


2011-08-01 19:45:20 by epiclinkfan101

I was just playing Bullet Heaven, since I seem to have developed an addiction for it. My foot must've pulled a cord or something, because the computer shut off. After turning it back on and going back to play Bullet Heaven, I find my game reset.

I had the first three bonus bosses and all main levels complete and was just working on S ranking everything I could. :(

Got bored. Drew this.

2011-05-30 11:16:46 by epiclinkfan101

Should I put it on my art?

Got bored. Drew this.

What do I post?

2011-04-20 19:35:39 by epiclinkfan101

I have nothing interesting to put on my news.
Wat do?

First snow day this year!

2011-03-23 10:42:47 by epiclinkfan101

Again: I know school is important to pass down information and make sure that we don't devolve into cavemen, but it's not always enjoyable.

We haven't missed a school day at all this year, and I'm gonna celebrate this by listening to Runaway.